Tours and Excursions

The Flavio Gioia company has specialized for years in the organization of excursions tailored to you, based on your interests and your taste.
Our drivers will guide you to discover the most beautiful and famous locations of the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula and some of those locations that have made the one of Italy one of the most important artistic and cultural heritage of the World.
On this site, you will find an overview of each location, followed by a list of what you should not miss, whether to satisfy your curiosity by going after the historic and artistic heritage of this land, whether to get away from the hustle and delve into areas completely immersed in nature, or to satisfy your taste discovering every typical product that has helped to make Italian cuisine the most appreciated and known of the World.
If you have questions or if you need any advice, or if you simply would like to have a guide to organize the excursion you have chosen and book the various tours, please contact us. Our main purpose is to meet your requests and to leave a great memory not only of these locations (for that mother nature already does a great job) but also of the availability and the professionalism of our company.

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